World of Spoons

Visiting every JD Wetherspoon pub in south-east London.

About World of Spoons

The idea for World of Spoons came on a tipsy evening in a  JD Wetherspoon pub in a painfully fashionable area of south London.

A local blog’s snotty readers hate this particular branch of Spoons – they couldn’t possibly tell their friends in north London that their area’s most successful boozer knocks out pints of Ruddles County for £2.05 and glasses of wine for £2.55.

They’d rather be seen in the place over the road, sitting outside drinking wine that costs far more before queueing awkwardly to use the one and only toilet.

But we love this particular pub – it’s got a diverse clientele, nice booze, and the food’s alright too.

Then we mused that Wetherspoons are as varied as the customers in our favourite pub. Some are genuine community hubs, others have seen better days, some are downright scary.

So we thought we’d explore south-east London’s Wetherspoons. We’re defining south-east London as the SE postal area, plus the boroughs of Bexley and Bromley. This gives us 23 pubs, from Tower Bridge to Orpington, although we may amend this as we go on.

Then we celebrated with another round of drinks. Got your Campaign For Real Ale 50p-off vouchers? No matter, nor have we. Let’s go down the pub.

Want to get in touch? Email worldofspoons [at], or find us on Twitter and Facebook. Or in the pub.

PS. We’re indebted to John Adams and his definitive list of Wetherspoon pubs past and present. We’re also inspired by Mags Thompson, who is trying to visit every Spoons in the UK. Raise a glass to them both next time you’re in one.